About Our enterprise was founded in October, 2005 for manufacture of component parts and spare parts for oil and gas production equipment. Manufacture of spare parts for UECN and SGN pump types manufactured by casting, machining, powder sintering and build-up.

In 2009 the full cycle manufacture of well screens with wire-wrapped framed slotted spiral filter elements was organized. The well screens are installed in the well as a part of the casing string or liner in the area of the productive bed of oil and gas producing wells and water wells, or at the bottom-hole pump suction pipe adapter. The filters are designed for removing mechanical admixtures from produced formation fluid and gas. The filter elements are made of high-quality profile stainless wire by spiral winding and resistance welding to the wire frame. The filter element fineness is determined by the size of the spiral slot on the external surface of the element and can amount 100 to 800 µm. The existing well filter production capacity is 4500 filters (45,000 metres) per month.

In 2014 we mastered manufacture of different mountings for casing strings and swellable mud-inflatable packers up to 325 mm in diameter.
In 2015 production of steel well casing and well tubing according to GOST 632-80 and GOST 633-80 was organized. Manufacture of the pipes is designed for provision of assembly of well screens with pipe casings and for delivery to third-party consumers.

We mastered manufacture of pipes with thread connections according to GOST 632-80 and GOST 633-80 and special premium pipes of TPH-VG type. The capacity of up to 219 m diameter pipe production is 20,000 tons, (1,000,000 metres) per year.

A plan for technical development and mastering of new production has been developed at the enterprise. It stipulates annual product range expansion, significant increase of production output and efficiency.

Technical specifications, design and process documentation are developed for all manufactured products. The products manufactured by the enterprise are certified for compliance with safety and quality requirements to industrial products. Patents of Russian Federation have been obtained for highly technical products.

A highly efficient product quality management system is established, and the quality control department is organized and operating at the enterprise. It performs incoming material and semi-product control, step-by-step checking and finished product quality control.